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Adelaide – clean and green appeal for tourists

adelaide clean and green

We really don’t realize how good we have it, here in SA. My tour guests from Asia, and interestingly, those from Sydney, often comment about how beautiful our city is. Put simply, Adelaide has much clean and green appeal for tourists. It’s old colonial and Victorian structures, then our many homes with detailed quoin work bring oohs and aaahs…  “I would love to own that” .  Our wonderful parks and gardens,Adelaide_Convention_Centre_at_night our vineyards and nearby wine regions, all amaze, with many saying they would love to live here.

clare-valley-australiaOur food is always a highlight, with our abundant and low cost meat, seafood and fruits, a highlight for Asian visitors. IMG_0389 compBut the most frequent comment is how clean our city is….the virtually pollution- free air, the well maintained and grime- free buildings, DSCF0116 and how little litter is found in our streets and on our beaches.

the sweet aroma of roses in Adelaide

People from Hong Kong for example, spend much of their tour day  taking photos in our gardens, with many unable to even grow pot plants in their home city apartments,  due to a lack of sunlight. And many want to stop to experience the wonderful roses and wild flowers.

We definitely take for granted what we are able to enjoy every day!

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DSCF0123 compSat 23rd March.  It was going to be a long wait for these Sydney girls to see their Rolling stones heroes.  But they and a tourism operator have been hurriedly exited from the new Adelaide Oval by a burley security officer.  The three, one a tour leader from a local wine and sightseeing tourism business, had heard that the cancellation of the Rolling Stones concert was actually because of a mix up of dates with U2 by the promoters. Another rumour was that the venue was still unfinished and unable to cope with the 50,000 honky tonk music fans.

After visiting some of the start me up bars prevalent in the festival city, they wanted to see the venue, and whilst looking over the massive structures from the nearby Montefiore Hill, they were intrigued by loud U2 music coming from the western stands. A long walk to the southern entrance would take them past a little red rooster, some massive Morton Bay figs, but not a Joshua tree. Of course there would be no Mick, but a glimpse of Bono would have made their day, so the inquisitive three entered through a small open gate to the grounds on what supposed to be the eve of the largest gig for the Rolling Stones in the southern hemisphere. It soon became apparent to them that they were not supposed to see what was going on inside….nothing! Not even a tradesman painting it black, when there seemed to be so much still to be done. An angry security officer patrolling the vacant stands, rushed to usher them out of the grounds, obviously embarrassed that the gate had been left open.

“Its only rock and roll, but we like it. We have travelled from Sydney to this event, and could get no satisfaction or emotional rescue” the girls said. “But we will be back in October if it is rescheduled for then. We are really looking forward to that, and time is on our side” they added. “And we will be doing another fantastic tour of the Barossa with Be consumed. tours. Enjoying the top South Australian wine regions with a real winemaker is a fantastic experience”


Minibus to Hahndorf – a heritage treasure

hahndorf inn 1The beautiful town of Hahndorf is just 30 minutes from the city of Adelaide. It was first settled by Lutheran/Prussian immigrants in 1839, and is Australia’s oldest German settlement, the surviving buildings and character replicating the fachwerk architecture of the homeland.

George Fyfe Angas, a pillar of our state’s heritage, was a Newcastle (UK) businessman. He saw the potential of the region and Barossa Valley, working with  Hamburg pastor August Kavel to bring several 250px-George_Fife_Angashundred oppressed Lutheran families to settle here, and was the founder of The South Australian Company, risking his entire family fortunes in loan guarantees to see it established.

Today, Hahndorf sees thousands of tourists every week, the quaint Main St being a half km walk of attractions from home made ice creameries, arts, crafts, and Hahndorf03boutique winery cellar doors to hotel restaurants serving traditional German dishes.

IMG_0419 webNearby is the iconicBeerenberg strawberry farm and jam/condiments factory, and Grumpy’s, a micro brewhaus. hahndorf smallgoodsAnd within a few minutes are several boutique wineries including Hahndorf Hill, The Lane, Johnstons, Bird in Hand, Napenthe, Shaw & Smith and Howards vineyard.

Contact ABRM-Be consumed.tours to create a customised and truly memorable day itinerary for a tour of the Adelaide Hills and Handorf. Or just book us, requesting a minibus to hahndorf,  to take you for a leisurely, relaxing lunch in the delightful part of our state, then a stopover on the way back to Adelaide at the Mount Lofty lookout to take in the panoramas of our city.mt lofty lookout