Tours for Asian Guests

Be consumed tours for Internationals  We are a rare operator with services customised for internationals, particularly Chinese or Japanese guests. Every step along the way, we ensure guests from China, Japan and Europe are catered for in cultural needs, language, food, international brand stopovers, and access to very rare, limited release wines.   europoean, chinese or japanese tourists catered for chinese or japanese tour hostesses An itinerary is jointly customised, and we have our own Mandarin speaking hostess who can join us with notice. Also, we have ready access to Japanese and non English  European speaking tour guides, should one be needed.

We can create a wonderful tour for your group wherever you are from. chinese or japanese people love our gourmet BBQs

the sweet aroma of roses in Adelaide chinese or japanese people love them
the sweet aroma of roses in Adelaide

We know that Asian guests love to include much sightseeing, gardens and our wonderful roses, as well as the day being about wine and food. And many internationals are avid photographers, so we take you to some of the most picturesque places of Australia.

We don’t have to go all the way to Kangaroo Island to enjoy our wildlife. Kangaroos, echidnas, koalas and a host of parrots, can be seen in the wild at certain times of the day, or in our parks, many places being near to Adelaide and the Barossa Valley. IMG_0038

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