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A rustic, Be consumed style gourmet lunch in the Barossa

Guests choosing our tours are able to enjoy a rustic, Be consumed style gourmet lunch in the Barossa. Our Roenfeldt Hill wines barrel shed is set up with a kitchen where host Wayne dons his chef’s apron and cooks up a storm!

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Typically on the menu:

En- route, mid morning snack

Barossa platter of local metwurst, cheeses, olives, sun dried tomatoes, snow peas, fig or other in-season fruit

Gourmet BBQ lunch includes….

– Poppy seeded scroll bread from Linke’s bakery with rich natural butter

– Oversized black pepper kebabs. Selected Barossa porterhouse steak, onion, green pepper, red pepper, mushroom, baby tomato, seasoned with black pepper and sea salt.

– Crispy roasted pork hock

– English pork sausage, marinated in crushed ginger,  garlic and other home grown herbs.

– Roasted sweet potato, infused with butter and Kurianda pear chutney

–  Roasted corn cobs with gently steamed long broccoli and carrots, golden squash (in season)


Home made bread and butter pudding, with sultanas and figs or other in- season fruits, baked for 2 hours. Served with fresh cream or our own macadamia, honey and caramel ice cream. Or, a baked Granny Smith apple, its removed core stuffed with rains, dates, coconut and cinnamon, with a generous scoop of our home made ice cream.


Choose from a glass of our Roenfeldt Hill Alinta rose, or our Gold Medal ZSGM          Tea/Coffeewaynes iphone 157