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Adelaide – clean and green appeal for tourists

adelaide clean and green

We really don’t realize how good we have it, here in SA. My tour guests from Asia, and interestingly, those from Sydney, often comment about how beautiful our city is. Put simply, Adelaide has much clean and green appeal for tourists. It’s old colonial and Victorian structures, then our many homes with detailed quoin work bring oohs and aaahs…  “I would love to own that” .  Our wonderful parks and gardens,Adelaide_Convention_Centre_at_night our vineyards and nearby wine regions, all amaze, with many saying they would love to live here.

clare-valley-australiaOur food is always a highlight, with our abundant and low cost meat, seafood and fruits, a highlight for Asian visitors. IMG_0389 compBut the most frequent comment is how clean our city is….the virtually pollution- free air, the well maintained and grime- free buildings, DSCF0116 and how little litter is found in our streets and on our beaches.

the sweet aroma of roses in Adelaide

People from Hong Kong for example, spend much of their tour day  taking photos in our gardens, with many unable to even grow pot plants in their home city apartments,  due to a lack of sunlight. And many want to stop to experience the wonderful roses and wild flowers.

We definitely take for granted what we are able to enjoy every day!

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